There is no emergency exit

fire2Пожарного выхода нет (2019)
76×56 см
Печать на фотолюминесцентной пленке с накаткой на пластик
Тираж 3 копии с датой и подписью


Water level


Water level (2019)
Concrete, metal, silkscreen
53×41 cm, 2+1 copies

Cities built near the river often experienced large-scale floods, the memory of which was marked by signs with a clear indication of the level of the rising water. Currently, the threat of global warming gives a different, more social meaning to the tradition of setting urban markers. The endless pushing back of the ‘line in the sand’ creates a movable scale of concessions, each of which is both a limit point and an ordinary event.


The book

IMG_6292The book (2018)
Concrete, metal, wood, silkscreen printing
75 x 48,5 cm

«…we already knew everything about it because of our ancestor’s writings, but we made the same mistakes, as in the past.»


The Unanimous prise


This year the tradition with annual limited postcards changed its form. We are glad to announce a long waited call for applications for the Unanimous prise 2018! The Unanimous prise awards its nominees for the things, that no other prise can truly acknowledge. Ambiguous achievements of people and their personal qualities become something to be proud of and are recognized by the public as a prestigious reward.

The Unanimous prise is a prise with out losers. Each of the contenders become a winner in one of more than twenty nominations, which remain unknown until you get and open the precious envelope. The prise winners are chosen randomly by chance and even the host of the prise can’t influence the result. Our project reflects on a beautiful tradition of ratings and prises, where the only true winners are the prise founders. A doubtful value of any kind of competition comparing to the many-sided reality leads us to an absurd in which we are playing our delegated roles.

You can can get an envelope with a postcard filling the submission form and I will send it anywhere in the world for free.

The postcards are out of stock!

Postcards 2017


For the fourth time I’m continuing the tradition of sending a limited series of postcards at the end of the year. To get the hand silk-screen printed postcard, anyone can fill out the form and I will send him a postcard for free. This time you have a chance to support my annual project via donating a small sum of money for making and sending the postcards.

In 2017 I worked mostly on the exhibition “Back home” at former Museum of Nizhny Novgorod intelligentsia. Almost impossible idea to bring the museum back to life even after the exhibition was closed remains very crucial for me. On the front door of the museum still hangs a partly damaged postal cut with metal framing that tells us “For mail” (Для писемъ). My home is that one day I will return to the museum and open it’s doors once again, that’s why I offer the people who get my postcard to send their postcards in return to the museum’s address. When we will return to the museum halls, I will find numerous mails, that would be read in some near future.

The postcard is hand silk-screen printed with two colors on French paper Canson Iris Vivaldi (240 gm) in two color variations – Dark Grey and Light Grey. Each postcard will be in an envelope to prevent any damage.