Bulletin board


Installation “Bulletin board”
Nizhny Novgorod, 2016

This work is an unofficial monument to communication between all social groups, that are making themselves the city, it’s an image of public mediated discussion between the people. The bulletin board in historical retrospective was always a channel of dialog between different social classes, it was showing the recent information for bounty hunters, massages about someone willing to buy or to sell something, as well as recently employed laws and unofficial manifests. Nowadays, when we are making the ways of getting the information simpler, paradoxically the vertical communication, this source of public discussion, that can influence on the city’s processes vanishes. More often the events around us are happening secretly, with out coming into light.

This waste ground that I used for installation was cleaned of the trees a few months ago because of the planned development there. The project of future modern building was in the safe zone of two wooden houses-monuments of history an architecture, was discussed on public hearing and as a result the project was frozen.


“Non Serviam!” poster release

Non Serviam!

Each year I make a hand silkscreen printed limited edition poster. This time the poster is titled “Non Serviam!”, it’s one color print on Canson Edition Antique paper size 420×594 cm (A2) of 13 copies.

This work is linked with two myths about Icarus and Satan. Both heroes of the myth finish their way in falling, but each of them started it completly different: one in the heaven and one on the earth. One of them attempted to reach the sky, the other is brought down because of his rebellion.

Non Serviam! (from latin – Will not surrender!) – is a motto, that according to the legend was pronounced by Satan before his overthrow. This slogan pictured the whole culture level, that spoke about the relationships between the individual and the higher power, the conflict that can arouse real “human” spirit, expressed in one phrase.

Each poster is signed and numbered on the front sheet and accomplished with two authentique lino-stamps on the back.

Cost: 14 $

You can buy the poster here – http://anvilrosenkreuz.ru/en/non-serviam/

Как жить дальше?!

Scan-151225-0004Дорогие друзья!

Я продолжаю традицию по выпуску открыток по завершению года. В этот раз на открытке изображен дом по адресу ул.Славянская 47 в Нижнем Новгороде, на котором во время серии поджогов в 2010 году жители написали риторический вопрос.

Как и раньше, я буду рад прислать вам открытки по почте или передать лично в Нижнем Новгороде, для этого вы можете просто сказать по какому адресу мне нужно ее отправить. Количество открыток ограничено!

Открытки напечатаны ручной шелкографией в два цвета на плотной бумаге Canson Colorline серо-голубого цвета, на задней части открытки находиться описание и мой штамп.
Вы можете сообщить мне о том, что вы хотите получить открытку в любой социальной сети или же по почте filatov@anvilrosenkreuz.com .


Exhibition “Tabula”


C 13 декабря по 20 января в Artwin Gallery откроется наша первая совместная выставка с Владимиром Чернышевым под названием “Tabula”. На выставке будет представлен результат абстрактного натурфилософского исследования. На время выставки пространство галереи станет архивом, в котором целый комплекс артефактов живой природы и человеческой культуры образуют универсальные смыслы и связи, берущие начало в традиционной культуре, представлены в виде архива. Само название выставки “Tabula” отсылает к алхимической практике и ее основным принципам, изложенным в традиции герметизма.

Открытие выставки состоится 12 декабря в 17:00.

Адрес галереи Artwin: Москва, Тверской бульвар 26 стр. 1
Контакты: e. info@artwingallery.com  t. +7 903 138 31 38

A place for hogweed!

IMG_1557White nettle

IMG_1541Pigweed (Chenopodium album)

The hogweed fully covers the soil. To get rid of the one should cultivate the earth and care for the cultures instead of burning the drawks down with fanatizm. That’s all because the hogweed grows where it can grow. But the best way is to know the “hogweed” and to find it’s “place”.

IMG_1544Nizhny Novgorod, 2015


Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

There is no time to grow flowers during war. War is the time when everyone is doing not their buisness. Veterinarian binds up soldier’s wounds, a gardener grind the soil in search of land mines. To bloom in this period is to overcome the surroundings, to be by your own. Syringa is growing wild, announcing the comming spring. It’s flowers remind us of grief and sorrow with it’s triumphant corpselike crimson-purple color.


Hand made bags “Alchemical rose”

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"Alchemical rose"

hand made natural cotton bag
one side print, hand silkscreen printing

Size: 40x46 sm
long handles, so you can carry it on your shoulders
Edition of: 10 bags

Cost: 10 $

"The rose gives the bees honey" 

Order form:
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New poster – “Garlic”

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Poster "Garlic"

hand silkscreen print, 26x53 sm
two colors
Сanson Edition 250 mg paper

Two color variations:
garlic on wheat paper - 13 copies
garlic on cream paper - 13 copies

Edition of - 26 copies
Each print is signed and numbered and packed in cardboard tube
Cost: 10 $
In every home, where the coal in a fireplace slowly molder, it's that plce, where you will return, where you are awaited. Your home amulet is waiting too - a bundle of garlic, that guards you house from unwelcome guests.
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