Bulletin board


Installation “Bulletin board”
Nizhny Novgorod, 2016

This work is an unofficial monument to communication between all social groups, that are making themselves the city, it’s an image of public mediated discussion between the people. The bulletin board in historical retrospective was always a channel of dialog between different social classes, it was showing the recent information for bounty hunters, massages about someone willing to buy or to sell something, as well as recently employed laws and unofficial manifests. Nowadays, when we are making the ways of getting the information simpler, paradoxically the vertical communication, this source of public discussion, that can influence on the city’s processes vanishes. More often the events around us are happening secretly, with out coming into light.

This waste ground that I used for installation was cleaned of the trees a few months ago because of the planned development there. The project of future modern building was in the safe zone of two wooden houses-monuments of history an architecture, was discussed on public hearing and as a result the project was frozen.