Non serviam


Poster "Non Serviam!"

one color hand silkscreen print
paper Canson Edition Antique 250 g/m2
420x594 cm (A2)

13 copies


Цена: 14 $

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This work is linked with two myths about Icarus and Satan. Both heroes of the myth finish their way in falling, but each of them started it completly different: one in the heaven and one on the earth. One of them attempted to reach the sky, the other is brought down because of his rebellion.


Non Serviam! (from latin - Will not surrender!) - is a motto, that according to the legend was pronounced by Satan before his overthrow. This slogan pictured the whole culture level, that spoke about the relationships between the individual and the higher power, the conflict that can arouse real "human" spirit, expressed in one phrase.

Each poster is signed and numbered on the front sheet and accomplished with two authentique lino-stamps on the back.

The poster was made using the replicion of Doves Typeface from England, which drowned becouse of one of his creators, who wished to save the typeface from usage on mechanical printing machines.