Poster "Toothwort"

one color drypint estampe
paper Canson Edition Bright White 250 g/m2
263x365 mm

5 copies


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Poisonous toothwort is parasitising on trees' roots first secretly staying under the soil up to ten years, feeding on it's host, till it's scaled pink-white leaves and flowers with out any chlorophyll would show themselves above the ground.

The rootstock of toothwort grows in different directions, managing into cross-like joints. In English the plant is called toothwort for it's likeness to growing teeth from the ground. In Russia it's called Peter's cross because of the form of the rootstock, that resembles the upside down cross, on which the Saint Peter was crucified. Peter refused to die like the Christ did, asked to crucify himself upside down because of being reproachful of his sins.

The poster is printed in estampe technique, using the method of dry point – cut out drawing on zinc plate is printed on wet paper using etching press. In Nizhny Novgorod right now we've got only one etching press to use that is located in Mobile design kids school, who's director Alexander Kazarin gave me a chance to make my first work using this old and hard technique.

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Each poster is nubmered, signed up and packed in cardboard tube.